Winter Writer's Retreats

Winter writer's weekend in Tucson, Arizona Feb 20th

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Visit Historical Bosworth in Leicestershire, England.

This historic village dates back to the 11th century and the Battle of Bosworth and the War of the Roses.

The Founder of InspireABook went to the historic Grammar School in this village and will guide you on an historic tour of the area including Sherwood Forest in nearby Nottingham and Shakespeare's birthplace of Stratford upon Avon.

If you are interested in joining Julie for this historic visit for a writers retreat in the winter of 2010, please register your interest now!


Julie Salisbury has a way of pulling the book out of your very heart when you don't even know it's there. She is the writer's mid-wife. I have not stopped since sunday Julie, it's still very disjointed but it pours.

Moira Gardener
Writer and Entrepreneur

I want to thank you for holding my feet to the fire with your probing and being the catalyst for me to figure out what the book is really about. I don't think I would have gotten to this stage without you.Writing this book is not only very joyous for me but has raised my awareness to another level.It never seizes to amaze me how the right people always show up in my life at the right time.
Thank you sooo much for being such a big part of this joyous journey.
With much love and gratitude.


I found Julie and the Inspire A Book program while working out a deal for self publishing a craft book Gem Tree Sculptures. My book was 90% complete at the time or so I thought. Through the course of the Inspire A Book program I learned that there was more to publishing a book than just writing the chapters and putting it together. It was valuable input for a book that I thought was completed.
Julie was able to answer all questions regarding the book publishing process  I completely endorse the Inspire A Book program to any aspiring writer or even a seasoned writer.
Thanks Julie for a great program and I'm actually looking forward to writing my second book.

Dana James, Author
Gem Tree Sculptures

Writer's Workshop in
Cusco/Machu Picchu, Peru

September 24th - October 3rd, 2010

The ultimate way to focus on your book project is to escape to this inspirational writer's retreat and surround yourself with beauty in an atmosphere that will inspire your creative senses. Set aside possible distraction, from computers, to mobile phones, and allow yourself to be immersed in a new world. This guided workshop includes the unique InspireABook(tm) briefcase style binder which contains templates and worksheets to guide you through the process of writing, organizing, editing, formatting, marketing and promoting your book. This binder will help you put all your Julie will also share with you everything you ever wanted to know about the publishing industry and her own experiences when she published her own book.

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10 Day, 9 Night $2820us      Book Now!


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What a surprise!  I expected to learn a few tips and get a bit of help with my ideas, but wow!  It was therapy included by drawing the real me out of myself so that I could produce authentic writing from the soul.  How it should be!  I love your radiant enthusiasm, I can't thank you enough" 

Debra Wapple

This workshop enabled me to find my starting place, find clarity, purpose and channel my passion onto paper.  Thank you for providing us with this organized structure to help me begin this journey. 

Kim Ricci

The structure has given me a starting point and given me a plan for writing in bite size chunks/goals. I found the binder worksheets, mindmaps and group discussions really good. 

Janice Henshaw

Victora Executive Centre
Victoria, Vancouver Island
January 16th & 17th, 2010
10 am - 4 pm daily

Special Weekend Intensive Workshop at Victoria Executive Center

At this Intensive Weekend workshop you will learn:

  • How to get organized, get focused and overcome writers block!
  • How to use "mind-maps" to organize your outline and chapters.
  • How to use the unique InspireABook™ binder system to organize your material.
  • Understand the editing and publishing industry and all the options available to you to get published professionally.
  • How to write a winning book proposal and marketing plan for mainstream publisher submission.
  • How to market your book and get media exposure

At the Victoria Executive Centre ergonomics, comfort and flexibility were all considered when choosing the furniture. All rooms are carpeted, acoustically dampened, and wrapped with white boards. Perfect for mind mapping.

Natural light bathes the room, and full spectrum T5 lights complete the scene. Interior colours have been carefully chosen by a designer, and these add to the pleasing and harmonious ambiance. The common room is where you will always find fresh coffee, tea, refreshments and snacks.

Details of what you will learn

Early Bird Price $397
if booked by Dec 31st


Jan 1st 2010 $495


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