How do I get published? What do I need to know?

  • How to Clearly understand the features and benefits of your book to the reader and who your reader is.

  • How to Write a powerful sales copy (including testimonials) which would be used as your synopsis and back page sales copy of the book, and also for media releases and media interviews, in the language of the reader, clearly stating the features and benefits of the book.

  • How to Write a powerful author bio (one sheet) which would be used in your book and for media releases and interviews.

  • How to Select a powerful working title and sub-title that will sell the book (that sells the benefits)

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of professional book layout such as dedication page, foreword, table of contents, use of epigraph and quotations, acknowledgments and glossary or index.

  • How to present the table of contents in a proposal to ensure your language and flow of your book is in line with the target readership for the book.

  • How to present the sample chapters/manuscript in respect of format i.e book size, margins, white space, sub-titles, side-bars, diagrams or pictures, font style and size. Although a publisher will advise you on the optimum layout, your proposal should demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the publishing industry expectations and standards.

  • An understanding of the editing and review process (including peer reviews). Your completed manuscript proposal should already have been professionally edited, this is considered the industry standard before it goes to their editing panel for comment and feedback and the final proof reading.

  • An understanding of the publishing industry and how it all works (the importance of the 90 day launch and the sale or return policy of book stores) How to be on the best sellers list, be No.1 on Amazon etc... How much it will cost you to publish your book (time and expenses) and how much royalty you are likely to receive. The difference between maintaining your rights or selling your rights.

  • Understanding the importance of marketing and promoting yourself as the author. Getting ready for media interviews, writing your own interview questions, writing a press release and how to get local media attention. Preparing for book tours, book signings and trade shows.

As you can see there is more than just submitting a proposal if you are very serious about getting a New York publishing contract! This is why Morgan James Publishing of New York welcomes book proposal submissions through the InspireABook program because they know these authors have taken the time to educate themselves about the realities of publishing today.

If you think you have a non-fiction manuscript you believe might be suitable for submission then this special 30 min introductory coaching session is for you.

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