Testimonials of InspireABook™ Graduates


“From the Womb of Creation Come Notes on the Page” 

-  A Pianist's Perspective of Julie Salisbury's InspireABook presentation

My spirit was delighted as words of our speaker inspired and challenged me to higher and higher heights.  With confidence, she said that each one of us had our own special message.  She encouraged us with passion, "Why not do it?  Why not!" Her smile touched me from across the room and her spark of light ignited my heart which was ready and waiting.   "You have a unique story," she affirmed. "You have something special and different to offer others. Don't doubt it!"
I am sure some of us were feeling growing pains of germinating inner creations.

Others, if they would admit it, had at least twinges of movement inside, if not a few birthing pains and still others conceived new ideas. Thanks, Julie, for being such an empowering mid-wife.  Now my precious dreams will more likely be birthed into this world as my “notes on the page.”

     Laura Lane


I am writing concerning our sessions with you and the InspireaBook program. Here are some of my comments and thoughts:

1. Let me tell you that I had no idea getting a book published entailed so much work. Writing stories for me comes quite easily and I have been doing things along this line for years. However, it is a tremendous leap from that to going to print. Without the program I wouldn't have known where to start. Just the whole mechanics of front cover, back cover, and book layout in general was like wandering in the wilderness except for the information I received from you. I feel that especially for real first timers like myself this is a must program.

2. I want to also underline the telephone conference calls.  It  gave a more personal touch to the information being given.

3. I love the binder and its set-up. The fact that we can use it again if we are thinking of doing another book is a real asset. It's compact and easy to transport anywhere. This summer I was back and forth to my trailer and found it really easy to just throw in the car and on arrival I was as organized as I was at home. Let me just mention one of the activities that I really found useful among others and that was the mind-mapping. In many cases when we write compositions etc. we work from a boring outline of sorts; but this was different and helped me to picture the flow of my thoughts more clearly.

4. Overall I'm very happy I took the course and could not have come this far in so short a time without participating in the sessions. I can't stress enough my feelings concerning the personal touch which  came from the audio communication .

I have been in touch with Elizabeth for quotes on upgrading, 2nd book in a series(Izabela has now definitely agreed to do the illustrations), and the details about Book Expo.


Hope we can keep in touch.
     Margaret Bernard,  Trafford Publishing Author

"I like the fact Julie covered the book creation process from start to finish."
     D.Parks, InspireABook™ graduate

"The organizational tools [were really useful]. The binder is genius.  All the legwork Julie had already done [on publishing] was so0o useful."
     Amy Fischer, InspireABook™ graduate

"....the classes were very motivating and it was nice to have peer reviews and someone to directly ask questions to."
     Tiffany St.Gelais, InspireABook™ graduate

" Hearing that it was okay to want to write a book, I never had much support..even if I wanted to write a book for fun."
     Barb Csinos, InspireABook™ graduate

" I now have a title, 8 chapter titles and I have a rough outline of where I am going with it."
      Melanie Gerritsen, InspireABook™ graduate

"I had no idea how to organize [my book]. I love the InspireABook system."
     Ella Brown, InspireABook™ graduate

“The InspireABook™ system helped me find the motivation and confidence to write my book. The materials provided were such a valuable tool to keep my writing organized and Julie’s energy and passion was totally inspiring.”
Bonnie Davison, CEO Singing English Education

“The InspireABook™ program got me started on my book project with the clever mindmap system which allowed me to talk out my thoughts.”
    Lynn Longmuir, InspireABook™ Graduate

“Julie is very informative and supportive and the use of inspirational bundles are awesome The step by step workbook with guidelines and samples acted as motivation. It allows people a great framework to get started with! It gets you going past the ideas and into action.”
    Gregory Smythe, InspireABook™ Graduate